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Nairian - Micellar Rose Water and Cleanser

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As fellow skincare fans will know, we’re always on the hunt for new cleansers and micellar waters to help maintain a clear skin. This is something we’ve all struggled with for a long time, because most products either provoke dryness or produce oils in excess, leaving our skin sticky or worse, clogging our pores. Finding products that are powerful and effective but also soft and kind to our skin is a challenge. At The Amazing Blog, we have discovered a new brand Nairian who we’ve heard lots of good things about. What’s more they produce an effective Micellar Rose Water and Cleanser which we couldn’t be more excited about.

Nairian is an Armenian family-based business that always has two priorities: Your skin and the planet. Armenia is a small country in Eastern Europe where the soil mainly comes from volcanoes, therefore it is incredibly rich in nutrients. Nairian sustainably harvest their ingredients in these local lands, on the slope of Mount Ara. They use principles of aromatherapy to make all their products which are cruelty, paraben, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and chemical-free. Nairian puts quality and sustainability at the core of the business and by growing all their products organically, where they are handcrafted and plant-based. They also monitor the production process from seed to bottle, in order to deliver the very best in top-quality products.

Let’s start with the Nairian Cleanser which is a delicately fragranced, gentle soap-free formula made with calendula flower and essential oils. It cleanses, calms and brightens both the skin and mind, as you inhale its flowery and zesty fragrance. Containing sunflower seed oil, citrus peel and rose geranium all of which have antibacterial properties among others, it soothes our redness and inflammation whilst maintaining our skin’s natural moisture.  The Nairian Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and is highly recommended to use on acne-prone, dry or mature skin. To make the most of it, use only two pumps and gently massage your face. To remove it, use a damp cloth and repeat the process morning and night. Ideally, follow it with your toner (i.e. Nairian Micella Water for optimal results) and a moisturiser of your own preference.

For us finding micellar waters and cleansers that do not irritate the skin has been a bit of a mission. Nairian Micellar Rose Water is gentle but also capable of deeply removing pollution and grime. Mainly composed with rose water, this micellar will not only cleanses but it also soothes and calms any inflammation. It also contains a hint of rose essential oil which spreads antioxidants throughout the skin, protecting it from day-to-day pollutants as well as preventing ageing. The Nairian Micellar Rose Water is suitable for all skins and its dash of glycerine, finds the perfect balance between oily and dry, giving you a soft and hydrated face. Wet a cotton pad and apply it onto your skin in an upward motion to fully activate all the ingredients.

We’ve added these two Nairian cleansers to our must-have list, we think once tried, you will too. With countless benefits, the Micellar Rose Water and their Cleanser leave your skin like never before. If this sounds like something you need, you can get your 200ml Micellar Rose Water for £28 here and the 100ml Cleanser for £28 here .

'Shake Me Baby' from Pulpe De Vie

pulpdevie As a cosmetic lover, I am always on a search for the perfect make-up remover. It cannot be too oily, nor too drying. I also want something that will take my make-up off without me having to scrub for ages. You want to prep your face for the next step, which is cleansing, and you cannot properly do that if you still have residue on your skin. Pulpe de Vie is a cosmetics company out of France that specialises in using 100% fresh fruit ingredients in their products. They love fun, and incorporate it into every product’s adorable packaging. We were so excited here at The Amazing Blog when we got to try their new 'Shake Me Baby' 4-in-1 face cleanser and make-up remover.

‘Shake Me Baby’ is a micellar water formula that is comprised of 99.94% natural ingredients and 35.98% of those are organic.  The really fabulous thing is that it has 4 benefits in one stellar product! It gently removes face and eye make-up in a sweep. It felt very clean on my skin, unlike some make-up removers that leave nasty residue. Your skin also stays moisturised, due to the organic olive oil in the formula. Then unsalted sea water begins to tone, regenerate, and purify skin.  Pulpe de Vie also make sure their products are packed full of natural fruits that are preservative and pesticide free. ‘Shake Me Baby’ has anti-oxidant rich tomatoes and grapefruit in the formula for added benefits. One of the things I love most about the product is that when you shake it up, it sparkles like a lovely fruity cocktail. Every product from Pulpe de Vie is also paraben, PEG, and silicone free.

All of the benefits of this product are just too good to ignore! Pulpe de Vie does a wonderful job of making sure their products are not only full of natural ingredients (99.2% minimum), but they also have the most adorable branding! 'MyAbeille' the bee, who loves fruit, is your guide through each and every product and you why it is so good for your skin. If you are interested in getting your hands on ‘Shake Me Baby’ which retails at £9.06, you can visit the Pulpe de Vie website.