Virginia Stone – ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi

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When you’re searching out skincare items, often the three categories you’ll see are ‘dry’, ‘normal’, and ‘oily’. They’re appear all encapsulating, or so it seems. Some of us with ‘combination’ skin at The Amazing Blog and frequently struggle to find the right cleanser or moisturiser that won’t make our skin greasy or dry. The latest product we tried is from Virginia Stone it brings about the idea that finding the right products for your skin may be based on your skin tone rather than these three general categories.

Virginia Stone built her brand on the foundation of ‘passion, purpose, and an unyielding desire to innovate and inspire’. She set out to revolutionise the skincare industry by creating a sustainable luxury brand and adhering to three core values of people, planet, and passion. Virginia Stone, as a company, dedicates itself to global social and environmental sustainability and all of its products are fair-trade, eco-friendly, and vegan. What drew us to this brand was its ethos. It felt simple categories like ‘dry’, ‘normal’, and ‘oily’ do not account for certain skin-tone-specific characteristics such as skin density and sensitivity, SPF requirements, and potency tolerance levels. So, Virginia Stone created three collections: Kavesi for fair skin tones, Jasari for medium skin tones, and Odaja for dark skin tones. We felt these groupings were less arbitrary and more encapsulating, especially if you have ‘normal’ or ‘combination’ skin. 

We tried their ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi in Sand , a 3-in-1 superfood cream with five layers (Butter, Nectar, Tea Syrup, Corrective Complex, Elixir) of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. The formula is also pH balanced and oxygenated to protect your skin from UV rays and pollution, improving your skin’s elasticity and lightening dark shadows. It is designed to stimulate cell renewal, increase blood flow, and improve circulation specifically for fair skin, which is highly sensitive and allergy prone. When we used it, we saw diminished fine lines as well as less puffy and brighter skin like we had used a jade roller. But what stood out to us was the cream’s texture. It’s solid, and you can’t dip your finger into it, but the warmth of your finger picks up the right amount of the product that feels smoother than butter and leaves your skin feeling the same way. The cream is oilier than typical moisturisers, yet it doesn’t feel sticky and spreads well. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and matte, which makes the cream perfect to use as a primer during the day, and nourishes for night time use. 

Finally, we cannot go through this post without mentioning the intricate packaging. The cream comes in a cube that Virginia Stone calls ‘The Luxador’. It’s 100 per cent recyclable concrete stone and has thermal insulating properties to protect the cream’s active ingredients and maintain its longevity. The Luxador is engraved with the company’s simple logo and pattern and has a magnetic stone lid. It’s quite solid and heavy, so be careful if you travel with it or keep it on your bathroom counter for décor and safekeeping.

You can buy ‘Eyes’ for Kavesi (15ml) here for $185. The price is quite high, but you don’t need very much and could spot treat certain areas rather than put it all over your face. 

Beaut Boutique: Lip Service Duo

Winter lips is something none of us want to have and sometimes our lips need a little extra TLC. Here at The Amazing Blog we have found the Beaut Boutique, Lip Service Duo: Softening Gel and Butter to keep your lips looking soft and luscious. Wave goodbye to painful and dry chapped lips and welcome that hydrated and replenished pout.

Beaut Boutique has created Lip Service duo, a combination of Softening Gel and Butter which not only moisturises and hydrates your lips, it is also designed to be used as a pre-lipstick primer, achieving a brighter and bolder pout.

Packed with organic products such as Aloe Vera juice, raspberry seeds, avocado butter, peppermint essential oil and honey extract as well as Vitamin C, E and A, this is the perfect product to give your lips some pamper treatment. Too good to be true? Not only is it organic, Lip Service promotes your lips natural collagen plumping your lips to give you a fuller pout, a great natural enhancer.

The Lip softening gel only needs a drop or two on your lips to immediately transform them into soft and hydrated lips whilst the Lip Butter will protect and maintain your pout. We loved the texture of the gel which sinks into your lips instantly feeling refreshed. Apply twice a day to get the best results and get ready for your lips to feel and look beautiful

To get your lips feeling plumped and hydrated get your own Lip Service Duo here for £35 or alternatively buy them individually; for the Softening Gel here  for £25 and £12 for the Butter here. You can also purchase Beaut Boutique here at Love Lula.

Di Blasi – Multitasking Butter and Prickly Pear and Manna Cream

When we get home from The Amazing Blog Office, the last thing we want to do is endure a long skincare regime. However, we have found a solution to this possible problem with the Di Blasi’s Multitasking Butter Makeup Remover as well as the Prickly Pear and Manna Cream. In fact, all you need is just these two products to have clean, soft and hydrated skin.

What we love about the Di Blasi brand and these two products is that they shorten your skincare regime in just two quick simple steps. The Multitasking Butter not only removes your make up with ease but also soothes and hydrates your skin. The ingredients contain no alcohol, so you can wipe away the impurities without stinging your eyes. The Multitasking Butter can be used as a face cream, lip balm, hand cream and even helps to soothe your sunburn, so perfect for the forthcoming summer season. Blended with Shea and Mango Butter, calendula flowers, wheat oil and infused with organic lemon essential oil; which gives it a lovely light fragrance.

The Prickly Pear and Manna Cream will give your skin that extra hydration without leaving behind any oily residue. It is ideal for either oily or combination skin types as it has a blend of natural polysaccharides and mucilage from the prickly pear pads, with sugars from the Manna (which is grown in Sicily) all of which will help keep your skin looking tip top for the spring.

For that glowing and youthful looking complexion, purchase online at Di Blasi here which is £35 for the Multitasking Butter and £32.70 for the Prickly Pear and Manna Cream here.

Lucy's Lotions - Body Butter & Rejuvenating Night Oil

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could tell your skin how to behave? Here at The Amazing Blog, we're often plighted with bad skin days. More often than not, they make their unwelcome appearance when we're heading to an important meeting or daunting first date. Thankfully, Lucy Gordon, founder of Lucy’s Lotions, felt the same way, and she has created a collection to help us finally take charge of our complexion woes.

When Lucy was younger, she spent her weekends creating unique skincare blends with her aunt, who is an aromatherapist and herbalist. Suffering from acne later on in life, this gave her the drive to create her fabulous vegan Vitamin E and Grapefruit Range.

From the range, we tried the Rejuvenating Night Oil and Body Butter. The Rejuvenating Night Oil contains a luxurious blend of 6 oils, including Argan and Avocado Oil. These oils promote cell renewal and help soothe and repair damaged skin. Smoothing the oil onto my face in the evening, it was fantastic for brightening my complexion. During winter, my hands became particularly chapped too, so I decided to experiment, massaging the oil onto my mitts. It was such a great discovery - it sunk right in and the tiny cracks on my hands were all gone the next day! The Body Butter contains Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, which reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, soothe damaged/sensitive skin and intensely hydrate. I use the butter after shaving my legs for a wonderfully soft and soothing finish that smells divine.

Want to banish those bad skin days? Head on over to the website and purchase the Rejuvenating Night Oil for £26.00 here and the Body Butter for £16.00 here.